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We ask not what we can sell you but what is causing you or your business difficulties.

You are the client. What would you like help with? Leave the rest to us.


We know what services we can provide and have access to a network of other agricultural professionals who are experts in their own fields. However, we do not expect you to select which of our services might fit your needs on your own.


Instead, our approach is to meet you, face to face and listen to what your problems are and what you think is causing them. We want to understand your business and want to get to know you and what is driving you on or holding you back.


It might be a single issue or a fundamental problem.


You might want to trade on. You may have the next generation of your family desperate to follow in your footsteps.


But you might also want to leave your business that has run its course.

You and your business are unique. But we will probably have seen similar problems before...

...and solved them.


You might own your land and be rich in assets, but poor in cash. However, you may be a tenant struggling to see how you will meet your next rent payment.


You may provide a service to other rural businesses.


Whether you are in arable, dairy, or meat; contractor, farmer or diversified business; food, leisure or renewable energy...

...tell us what is on your mind.

To be absolutely clear, meeting with us initially is free.

So what have you got to lose?


We will only agree a fee structure if we can help and once it is clear what is required.